Platforma de informare, educare, colaborare si formare de retele ce dezvolta si finanteaza proiecte antreprenoriale din Transilvania.

Trends and Innovation Scouting

A strategic, authentic and competitive endeavour is the one in which the entrepreneurs know how to use and integrate the best information about the industry in which they work. Stratup Transilvania specialists create a generous context in which the tech entrepreneurs can access valuable information regarding the newest trends and evolution prospects.

In order to develop competitive business models and to encourage innovation, the entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs have to base their decisions on relevant information regarding the ecosystem in which they exist, on one hand and on information regarding the evolution of collateral industrial trends, on the other hand. Our specialists analyse the information technology trends, thus the reports we create are a useful resource for the active organisations in this industry and also for the entrepreneurs who aim to initiate a startup. Knowing the competition, the way markets, technologies and new trends evolve at the global level represent useful information for a better position inside the information technology ecosystem.

We are always searching for brilliant ideas and innovative solutions which can generate disruptive positive change. Through the researches it conducts, Startup Transilvania aims to support IT companies and entrepreneurs with access to coherent information in this vast domain, real opportunities and global trends.

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    Startup Transilvania este o platforma de informare, educare, colaborare si formare de retele care vizează dezvoltarea si finantare noii generații de proiecte antreprenoriale din regiunea Transilvania.

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