Platforma de informare, educare, colaborare si formare de retele ce dezvolta si finanteaza proiecte antreprenoriale din Transilvania.


Our vision and the regional context

The vision of Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship Centre is to represent an essential component in the innovation and entrepreneurial transylvanian ecosystem. We aim to contribute to the strategical development of regional entrepreneurial ecosystem by taking a strategical, decisional and managerial role. The activities we initiate reveal the active role we have in supporting the startups in the region and in inspiring companies to innovate. In everything we do, we are committed to add real value to the innovation and entrepreneurial potential existing in the regional ecosystem.

Our mission is to contribute through vision, experience, programmes, projects, resources, logistics, to the development of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are also involved in capitalizing the innovation and entrepreneurial potential in Transylvania.We are involved in educating the local entrepreneurs and equip them with tools and inspiration, so that they can build and develop competitive start-ups ready to be integrated in the national and international markets.Thus, Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center offers incubation and acceleration services for the regional start-ups.

In this context, Startup Transilvania has clear objectives:

  • To lead the strategical development of the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Transylvania.
  • To capitalize the regional entrepreneurial potential.
  • To provide entrepreneurial education.
  • To support the valuable entrepreneurial ideas through building and competitive start-ups.
  • To offer incubation and acceleration services for the regional start-ups.

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    Startup Transilvania este o platforma de informare, educare, colaborare si formare de retele care vizează dezvoltarea si finantare noii generații de proiecte antreprenoriale din regiunea Transilvania.

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