An innovation platform giving access to information, education, collaboration, networks and funding to entrepreneurial projects in Transylvania.

This one month program is dedicated to current and future entrepreneurs who want to build a startup, combining the exposure to relevant basic knowledge with mentorship and hands-on activities.


We selected the latest trends in design thinking and business models in order to inspire you and help you make informed decisions in the process of transforming your idea into a business plan. 


The practical approach is essential to our StartUp Camp concept. ALong with the information shared during the training sessions, we offer mentorship, consultancy and practical, relevant workshops.

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Get you and your startup team up and running!

The fee for taking part of Startup Camp is 100 Euro per team and will cover all the training activities, workshop and mentoring.

Startup Camp is for you and your team if:

you have a 

bright business idea

but you don't know how to transform it into a real business, or you failed at implementing it, at least once

you hate waking up in the morning knowing how your entire day will look like and you crave for 

creating your own venture

even if this takes you out of your comfort zone

you think you can 

reinvent how this world works

and have at least a vague idea about how to make a business out of it

your mind is on

innovation mode

and you just need a proper environment (knowledge, advice, connections) to generate a valuable business model

The concept of the program

Startup Camp by Startup Transilvania is a 4 weeks program aimed to equip the wannabe entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge and practical support. Your business idea can be validated during the camp and boosted afterwards in our startup incubator. 

By the end of the program the participants can expect to have a consolidated business model validated by research, a set of trial experiences and feedback given by peers and experimented mentors. 

Structure and timeline


Startup Camp by Startup Transilvania will happen between June 10th and July 9th.

Participant teams will spend 4 hours/day, 3 days/week in learning sessions, adds-on workshops and team work. Mentors advice will be available on request. The schedule welcomes young professionals, so the participation to the camp will leave the traditional office hours intact. 

We expect your registration until 31st of May. Only selected teams will be invited to the Camp.


Registration is open until June 20.

Stages for registration:

  1. Apply for Startup Camp until June 20 using this form.
  2. We will review your application and ask further questions if needed.
  3. We review all the teams and announce the ones who will participate in our program.
  4. Make the payment of 100 Euro/team.
  5. Start the Startup Camp program and boost your entrepreneurial career!


The structure of the shared knowledge

Design Thinking

You will learn how to use a set of techiques through which you will be able to generate unique solutions to complex challenges. You will also learn how to understand better the profile of the customers your startup targets. 

The main benefit of this module is the practice of identifying innovative solutions to complex problems. 

Ideation & Creativity

This module is designed to help you develop the skills and behaviours of a highly creative person and make use of them in a business context. You will be exposed to the latest trends and learning techniques on this topic.

The main benefit of this module is to exercise creative and iterative thinking when working in a team or individually.

Value Proposition Design

The knowledge of adding value to a product or service is becoming science. This module will help you learn how to generate economical, perceived, relational and experiential value.

The main benefit of this module is to prepare you develop a mindset that generates uniqueness through the value of the products or services offered by your business. 

Hypothesis Investigation

The risks associated to any business can be high if the entrepreneurs make decisions which are not based on testing hypothesis. 

This module is based on acquiring the skills you need in order to make strategic decisions for your startup.

The main benefit of this module is practicing the analysis and decision making skills in a sturtup environment.  

Business Canvas Model

The business model represents the core of every startup and it represents the framework in which a business operates. Working on it from the early stages of a startup offers a clear big picture of the main mechanisms that can generate value and transform the business into a competitive one. 

The main benefit of this module is to help you create a competitive business plan which you will be able to adjust in an iterative manner throughout the entire camp.   

Trends and Market Segmentation

Successful entrepreneurs are visionars and you can define your vision by understanding the main trends of the market. The entrepreneur who are aware of these trend can understand better and capitalise the opportunities while minimising the risks.

The main benefit of this module is understanding the signs and trends of the market you start your business in.

Lean Startup & Hacking Attitude

This module comes with a scientific and practical approach regarding how to start and develop a business. It also addresses the topic of delivering high quality products or services in a fast changing market.

The main benefit of this module is to practice the necessary changes so that your startup can grow in an organic or accelerated manner. 

Pitching and Presentation Skills

An essential skill for entrepreneurs is public speaking and pitching - the techinique of presenting one's ideea in front of possible investors. A good idea or business is valued only when it is presented in a professional manner. Pitching is the language spoken by the investors, so if the entrepreneurs want to start a conversation, they must learn how to speak it fluently. 

The main benefit of this module is to learn how to present your idea in front of different type of investors. 

 Platform Business Model and Disruptive Innovation for Digital Economy

This module presents the main principles behind the most successful companies, including startups. Based on disruptive innovation, you will be encouraged to apply these principles and mechanisms to your own business idea. Feedback will be given in order for you to be able to test your business idea according to these insights.  

The main benefit of this module is gaining the knowledge and skills to build a platform business model while creating disruptive innovation in a specific market. 

Leadership and Team Engagement

The challenges faced by startups are various. Maybe the biggest one is the team engagement and the leadership style, which has to be flexible and adaptable to different contexts.    

The main benefit of this module is understanding how different leadership styles can be applied to your business idea. Another valuable insight is working with team engagement techniques in order to create the desired entrepreneurial culture.


Customer Development & Growth Hacking Techniques

We are at the down of the paradigm which states that the experience makes the difference. During this module, you will be given the chance to experiment with new methods which can lead to rapid business growth. 

The main benefit of this module is practicing with growth hacking techniques and business development. 


Being an entrepreneur, the success of your startup highly depends on the ability to communicate efficiently with the clients, your team, or possible investors. After becoming good at whatever you are doing, a valuable investment is in communicating your story to the public. Otherwise you might lose good opportunities. 

The main benefit  of this module is learning how to choose your communication style in order to achieve the objectives of your business. 

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Invest in your entrepreneurial self

The fee for taking part of Startup Camp is 100 Euro per team and will cover all the training activities, workshop and mentoring.


Entrepreneur, BizDev


PhD in Management

Founder, strategic thinker and SMEs business consultant

Owner, Primainvest Capital Management 

PhD in Phychology

Product Manager at Telenav, Founder and editor at

Marketing Manager at Fortech

More trainers
to be

“A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty."

Eric Ries


CEO & Founder at Life is Hard - Work Soft



Deputy CEO, Executive Vice President at NTT DATA Romania

OWNER and CEO, AROBS Transilvania Software

Prime VP of International Business Relations at Romanian Investor's Club

CEO Telios

Join the Startup Camp if you want to gain

Shared knowledge

We selected the latest trends on business innovation and we invited top notch speakers to deliver it.

Practical work

The shared knowledge is well balanced with opportunities to  work on your business idea.

Advise from mentors

Successful mentors are willing to share their valuable insights  in the process of defining your own business model

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Boost your startup!

The fee for taking part of Startup Camp is 100 Euro per team and will cover all the training activities, workshop and mentoring.

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