An innovation platform giving access to information, education, collaboration, networks and funding to entrepreneurial projects in Transylvania.

Everything begins an idea, which is developed, changed, communicated until it gives birth to an entire innovative thinking process.


Using  the latest trends in design thinking, the ideation process is taking various shapes until the an original perfect prototype is created. 


Once the idea is turned into an MVP, the next step is starting the business development process to mach the uniqueness of  the product.

Is a community of product enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, product owners and innovators in Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania. Through the proposed events, this community cultivates open dialogue and and engagement among the product management enthusiasts in the city. We curate great information, write up our events, share our experiences


"My first impression was of professionalism, but also fun and interactive. The host did a really god job of introducing us into the flow." Vlad

“It's an interesting environment in which you can meet, network and learn how others successfully get over the problems they encounter.”

is the place designed for the creative minds where bright ideas are turned into  innovative processes and competitive products. 

Through the Product Innovation Camp Events, Startup Transilvania aims to offer practical training on the most useful competences needed in the generating and developing products processes.



One of the main objectives of Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center strategy is to capitalize the innovation potential in the region.

 We believe this objective can be achieved by our active involvement in the local startup ecosystem through consultancy  services on innovation strategies.

Startup Transilvania offers consultancy services on innovation topics which address the entire innovation process, from ideation to seeing the product or service come alive. Through the ideation and creation techniques we give our clients a new practical way of generating ideas which lead to unique products with a high level of originality.

Full spectrum

One of the main objectives of Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center strategy is to capitalize the innovation potential in the region.

We offer the organizations we work with the entire spectrum of consultancy services on innovation, from strategies, roadmaps, process management and management of innovative products’ and processes’ living cycle.

Because innovation involves protecting the intellectual property rights, with the help of authorities and our partners, we offer these services on a regional, european and global level.

Idea Labs

 Any successful business starts from the ideation process, in which, the mind of the entrepreneur is connected to the senses and perceptions of clients or utilizers.

In this stage, it’s important that the innovative entrepreneur frees himself from his own habits and preconceived beliefs and develops a high level of empathy towards its clients.

The ideation stage involves a creative mindset, critical and lateral thinking, in order to generate really unique ideas. The ideation techniques can be learned and Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center aims to empower innovators and entrepreneurs in theses aspects.


Trends and Innovation Scouting

A strategic, authentic and competitive endeavour is the one in which the entrepreneurs know how to use and integrate the best information about the industry in which they work. Stratup Transilvania specialists create a generous context in which the tech entrepreneurs can access valuable information regarding the newest trends and evolution prospects. We are always searching for brilliant ideas and innovative solutions which can generate disruptive positive change.

Based on research

Through the researches it conducts, Startup Transilvania aims to support IT companies and entrepreneurs with access to coherent information in this vast domain, real opportunities and global trends.In order to develop competitive business models and to encourage innovation, the entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs have to base their decisions on relevant information regarding the ecosystem in which they exist, on one hand and on information regarding the evolution of collateral industrial trends, on the other hand. 

Our work brings real practical value

Our specialists analyse the information technology trends, thus the reports we create are a useful resource for the active organisations in this industry and also for the entrepreneurs who aim to initiate a startup. Knowing the competition, the way markets, technologies and new trends evolve at the global level represent useful information for a better position inside the information technology ecosystem.

Our focus areas

RO:US Innovation Corridor


Romania-US Innovation Corridor is an exchange program which aims to share best practices and offer insights into the various business models in the field of innovation and technology: innovation policies, entrepreneurial culture, tech transfer methodologies and trends. 


American Councils for International Education recognizes the interest to establish a Romania-US platform for new and ongoing cooperation in STEM education, technopark development, startup exchange, and business engagement. In partnership with Tetarom, American Councils proposes development of the Romania-US Innovation Corridor (ROUSIC) program to expand upon and advance the successes of existing and newly-formed scientific and start-up collaborations, university partnerships, and region-to-region economic development initiatives between both countries.

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