An innovation platform giving access to information, education, collaboration, networks and funding to entrepreneurial projects in Transylvania.

About us

Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

is a platform for information, education, collaboration and networking aimed at developing and financing new generation of entrepreneurial projects in the region of Transylvania.

It's a “one stop shop” which aims to inspire young people to believe in their own ideas, to cultivate their innovation and to start their own business in the region.

Digital Incubator

Digital Incubator by Startup Transilvania is unique program for Romanian startup ecosystem. We offer different services for supporting the creation of innovative, self-sustainable, fast growing startup companies.

We contribute through vision, experience, programmes, projects, resources, logistics, to the development of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are also involved in capitalizing the innovation and entrepreneurial potential in Transylvania.We are involved in educating the local entrepreneurs and equip them with tools and inspiration, so that they can build and develop competitive start-ups ready to be integrated in the national and international markets. Thus, Startup Transilvania Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center offers incubation and acceleration services for the regional start-ups.

Innovate IT

is a complex incubation program designed to support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs create innovative technology and IT products in Cluj.

The program makes use of all the experience accumulated by Startup Transylvania in the past 4 years and it is designed to support you transform the brilliant idea you have into an MVP over the 3 months of the program.

The program focuses on  three main stages: Ideation, Product Management and Business Management, each of the stages having clear practical milestones, so that you can easily define the prototype product and develop it progressively.

Startup Hub

is a network of happenings and events created around the community of young entrepreneurs in the region. It aims to create valuable opportunities and to connect needs with resources, so that the transylvanian startup ecosystem develops according to its potential.

Innovation Hub

is designed to be the epicentre of innovation and creative thinking in the region. It is a common ground for startups  as well as for already successful companies where innovative and groundbreaking ideas are encouraged and explored. 

Partner Projects

are examples of successfully implemented projects by our partners. Together they represent a solid foundation of expertise and knowledge we have access to. 

Our Team Members

  • About Me
    Cristian Dascalu
    CEO & Co-founder
  • About Me
    Senior consultant
    Lavinia Cobrea
    Public Funding Senior Consultant
  • About Me
    Alexandru Roja
    Innovation Programs Director
  • About Me
    Incubation Program Coordinator  
    Laviniu Chiș
    Incubation Program Coordinator
  • About Me
    Cristina Ispas
    Communication Coordinator
  • About Me
    Alin Mechenici
    Digital Guru
  • About Me
    Florin Pop
    Angel and Financial Adviser
  • About Me
    Tamar Kereselidze
    Events and Special Projects Wizard
  • About Me
    Tudor Pasc
    Scouting, Events and Liaison Specialist


Ionut Dragan

CEO Trencadis


Mihai Coca

Tetapolis STP   Development Director

Bianca Muntean

Executive Director ARIES Transilvania

Phillip Choban

CEO Telios

Hedi Hoka

PhD Phychology

Mirel Alexa

TechFest Director

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Partners and Affiliations

We have partnered up with the most valuable organisations and people in order to connect needs with resources.

If you want to benefit from the partnerships we developed or you want to be part of this supporting network, all you have to do is get in touch with us via email.


Cluj City Strategy
Cluj City Strategy was designed as a framework containing guiding principles and development directions. It aims to attract business opportunities by highlighting the advantages and uniqueness of the region.

The proposed sustainable future projection is built on many solid pillars among which we mention the developing IT and financial business markets, multiculturalism and civic participation.

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Open Innovation 2.0

The 2017 edition of the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference will be held in Cluj-Napoca. This decision is a recognition of the strategic role of the city in the regional development context.

The event welcomes innovation experts, policy-makers, people from academia and citizens to deal with diverse action-oriented themes. The event focuses on the national policy development, successful stories of ecosystem creation, dissemination of open innovation based on Digital Innovation Hubs as centres for ecosystems and citizen engagement.

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Innovation Camp

Innovation Camp focuses on the development of technology and innovation processes. The concept gathers bright entrepreneurial minds, business mentors, science experts, product designers, engineers. The participants are expected to benefit from te trainers' experience, create teams and join forces in order to develop prototypes of products or services that can revolutionise the already technologized world.

Drop us an email and we will send you more information regarding the application process.

RBL Summit

Romanian Business Leaders Summit is the main event of the RBL community and it combines knowledge, interactivity, inspiration, networking, work and fun to generate practical projects through which Romania becomes a more competitive business option and a better environment to live in.

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RBL Entrepreneurship Workshops
RBL Entrepreneurship Workshops is a series of events aimed to create a context in which young entrepreneurs are inspired by successful business stories.

Based on the principle of passing knowledge from the experts to the starters, the workshops address practical issues related to relevant topics such as: entrepreneurial and leadership attitude, defining the business the competitiveness advantages, selling and negotiations, marketing, creativity and innovation, business digitalisation and business plan.

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If you have any questions about the services we provide or want to get in touch with us simply send us an email and you will hear from us shortly.

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